RUNAIR - full solution for highest customer requirements

As one of the leading national and European networks for airfreight logistics RUNAIR connects important Airports on daily basis.

We offer the whole supply chain easy and efficient out of one hand and make sure that your freight arrives at its destination right on schedule.

We cut back on your effort in handling to the minimum by means of our perfect matching service.

Besides our main focus on transport, with the RUNAIR Network we also offer various and individual storage- and logistic services. Reliable Document handling and special services, such as labelling or customs procedures, are usual for our team.

Cost efficiency is just as much focus of RUNAIR as optimal connections, when operating with time critical requirements.

Your RUNAIR – Advantages:

  • full service out of one hand
  • one of the leading networks for airfreight
  • reliability at all formalities
  • regulated agent on statutory provisions
  • compliance of highest technical standards
  • high flexibility for special transports
  • experienced employees with high professional expertise

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